We have helped 8 owners with a total of 15 beloved pets connect with 4 trusted pet sitters for 10 amazing pet staycations

Pets come in every shape, size, and number…

You know how hard it is to deal with arranging pet care when you need to leave town for a few days on a vacation or business trip. Using a vet, kennel, or other commercial service is not only extremely expensive, it only an option for certain pets or certain situations.

  • What do you do if your pet suffers from anxiety?
  • What if it just looks aggressive?
  • What if your pet actually is aggressive with other animals?
  • What if you have too many pets, like a clowder of finnicky cats?
  • What about a flock of egg laying hens, a loft of homing pigeons, or a 50 year old parrot?
  • What if your pets can’t physically leave thier home, such as aquarium or pond fish?
  • What about bunnies, lizards, gerbils, mice, snakes, ardvarks?

OK, you probably do not own an ardvark, but you see my point. Your only alternative is to orchestrate some pet sitting.

Sometimes it feels like Noah’s Ark

I feel your pain, because our family (2 parents and 4 adult children) now consists of 4 households (a house and 3 apartments), with a grand total of 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 kitten, 2 bunnies, 1 aquarium, 1 koi pond, 1 aquaponics pond fukll of talapia, 7 hens, and a loft full of pigeons. All of this takes place in a large urban city! And the above list is just our immediate family, not including the households and pets of our extended family, friends, and neighbors… that we sometimes help watch.

Repeating the challenges

It seems like every time we plan a people trip we spend as much time planning our pet’s Stay-Cation (now you see where we got the clever domain name):

  1. A flurry of messages on Whatapps, SMS Texts, Emails, and even phone calls goes out to our family and friends, in an attempt to figure out who might be available to help with pet sitting, on what specific dates and times. This is as close to the phrase ‘herding cats’ as you can get sometimes. Especially for longer trips and/or more sitters involved.
  2. Extensive, detailed instructions have to be written up on what and when to feed to whom, how to clean up, what to play, where to walk, who to medicate … and who to call if an emergency happens. No matter how many copies of this you make or hang up in the kitchen, they always seem to get lots of overlooked.
  3. Then when the ‘vacation’ is underway, there always seems to be a level of uncertaintity amongst those staying to help: Who has a spare door key? Where is the box of cat food cans? Fido just threw up, what do I do? Conversely, the owners always have a thought in the back of their minds: Are the sitters actually remembering the schedule?

What the pets are thinkingand feeling, only they know…

Improving on this process

It is in the spirit of making our pets’ lives and experiences as positive as possible that I created PetStayCay. It is just a software app, and doesn’t include a magic wand , but it does empower you (and your pet sitters) with a simple way of organizing, scheduling, and communicating. Here is exactly how our family and friends use it, and how it can also benefit you and your loved ones:

1. Stay organized

  • A single handy place to permanently keep all thhe info on each of your pets, including thier name, feeding schedule, exercise needs, favorite toys, personality, medicines, alergies, likes/dislikes.
  • Things like where food is kept, where cleaning supplies are stored, contact info, emergency vet/instructions, and other ‘what to do if’ information.
  • Doesn’t need to be rewrittena nd reinvented every trip.
  • Its in the app that you and your sitters can all access on a phoen or computer, so it will never get lost of overlooked.

2. Easy scheduling

  • It’s like a planner, where you put in your dates and PetStayCay automatically creates a mini-calendar with all your standard feed routines, etc.
  • Using the app from your phone or computer, you send this to any potential pet sitters you put into the system. The message goes out as an email or text to them – first inviting them to a free PetStayCay ONE-PET account – and then presenting your mini-calendar for their review.
  • They can log in from a smart phone or computer, and simply click on what days and times they are available to help with.
  • Click, click, click… it is as simple as that.

3. Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Since all of your pet related and trip specific information is stored in the app and at the fingertips of your sitters, most questions and issues will be addressed without contacting you. But in the event of some unanticipated (non-emergency) issue, each PetStayCay has its own little chat only between the owner and sitters.
  • If you remember some info while on the plane or driving or sitting at the beach, you can send it out to the sitters as well. It works both ways.

4. A dash of fun

  • I lied a little when I said earlier that PetStayCay doesb’t include a magic wand. In fact the app actually does. And I designed it to add a little dash of fun for you, your family members, your pet sitters, and your pets too!
  • The sitter can click on the wand to send a status message while attending to your pets. This can include a picture (if they send using their smartphone).
  • The owner can reply back. This feature can be really helpful, especially if you have young children who might be worrying about or missing their furry/scaly/feathery friends.
  • This is the closest thing to a remote hug that i could program into the app!

So there you have it.. the facts. This is exactly how our family and friends use PetStayCay with our pets.

We are sharing this with you

If you like this approach to making your pet care a little bit easier, then please join us. We do have to pay for servers, message services, electricity, and other obligatory business expenses – so here are your options:



This is our way of helping new pet owners, especially young people or those who got their first rescue dog or cat.

  • 1 Pet
  • 1 Household
  • Unlimited Sitters
  • Messaging: email


$14.97 per year

Great for the typical multi-pet home. Put in all your pet’s information, and invite as many sitters (who will get a free One-Pet account if they are not already members)

  • All of your Pets
  • 1 Household
  • Unlimited Sitters
  • Messaging: email, sms texts

Have any questions?

  • If you have any pre-sale questions about how this works or anything, please do not hesitate to ask:

Technical Help

  • If you need help using PetStayCay or have any ideas on new features or improvements, we are always here for you:

No-Questions-Asked, 100%, 30 Day Guarantee

We made this app to help improve the wellbeing of pets (and their owners and sitters), but not every app or tool fits every customer’s needs. If you purchased an ALL-PETS membership and this app is not what you expected or need, please contact us within 30 days to get a full, no-questions-asked refund. We are here to make the world a little better and understand that life happens:

That’s it… that is the complete PetStayCay story. I hope you join us, but I gotta run. Time to feed the pets!