We are a big family … that includes a lot of pets.

In our case that means:

  • Our pandemic rescue dog named Mel
  • 3 very finicky and quirky cats – Smokey, Louise, and Danny
  • An aquarium with a fish named Clarice
  • 7 noisy hens in a backyard run
  • 4 Serbian High Flyer pigeons in a backyard loft
  • and don’t forget 1 decorative 10ft pond with Koi and one 8ft aquaponics pond full of Talapia (no we don’t actually eat them, but that is another story).

We obviously are beyond the point where we could actually board them at the vets. Even when we only had one or two pets, that always seems to be more traumatic for our furry friend and more costly for us than it needed to be. So we are all into have family or frends be pet-sitters.

What we are solving here at petstaycay.com is our own iche (no flea pun intended).

  • Don’t our pets deserve a stay-cation when we are away?
  • And if so, how do we do everything we can to set up the pet-sitters for success?