Many animals can be cared for safely and happily in their home with one or more visits a day. However, some animals and situations require a different approach. Consider boarding these animals in someone’s home, enticing a close friend or family member to stay overnight, or hiring a sitter to live at your home temporarily.

  • Very young animals, such as kittens or puppies need continuous care and will not do well alone for long periods of time. Friends or family who stay over can help give these little guys the love and attention they need.
  • A very needy or destructive animal will not do well alone and may resort to new problematic behaviors when under stress. They need the extra attention of a live-in pet sitter.
  • Animals with special needs or medical conditions may not be safely left alone and an at home sitter is necessary.
  • Aggressive animals are a threat to pet sitters. Owners may tend to underestimate the level of aggression their pet displays toward others. Just because you are comfortable with your pet and don’t feel threatened, does mean your pet is not a threat to others. Dogs, in particular, regard their home as their territory, and may seek to defend it, especially in your absence. Remember an aggressive pet is apt to be even more aggressive without your reassuring presence. Never endanger a sitter by engaging them to enter your home if your pet has displayed aggressive behavior towards others in the past.

Being aware of what challenges your particular situation and pets might present can help you to make wise care decisions for your loved ones.

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