In the morning, all the animals need to be fed and various tasks undertaken:

  1. Open the french door and let Mel outside to run around/pee
  2. While you are out there, please go to the chicken loft and do the following:
  3. open the sliding metal trap door to the run – the chickens need to be able to move back and forth all day 
  4. take the feeder (white pail) and put in the run
  5. open the front of the nest box (inside the loft) 
  6. throw some seed for pigeons 4. verify both pigeons and chickens have water 
  7. feed Mel 
  8. feed 3 cats on screen porch
  9. rest!


No specific actions, except Mel might need to go out once in a while


5:30 pm

  • Feed Mel
  • Feed 3 cats
  • reverse steps on the chickens
  • night night

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