Some people think that saving money is the number reason for using pet sitters instead of boarding services. But there are many factors that can make creating a pet staycation a superior solution for your family. Let’s look at 5 of the most powerful reasons.

1. Reduced stress for your pet

The absolute number one advantage of keeping your pet at home when you go on vacation is reduced stress for your pet! Simply put, being removed from their home setting is a shock and a stressor for many pets. Your absence while on vacation is unavoidable, but an additional change of location need not be. While individual animals vary, most pets will be happier at home.

2. More individualized attention at home

Your pet will get more individualized attention at home. The pet sitter can focus on your pet and their individual needs. When animals are boarded, they have to adapt to the schedule and needs of the boarding establishment. A boarded animal will likely spend most of their time in a crate. Pets that stay home, can maintain their routine, favorite activities, exercise, and playtime much more easily.

3. Your pet will be safer than at a boarding facility

Your pet will be safer from certain types of danger at home than at a boarding facility. A pet at home will not be the victim of another aggressive animal and will not be exposed to contagious diseases. They are less likely to experience an accident or injury.

4. Pet owner has far greater degree of control

As a pet owner, you have a far greater degree of control if your pet is cared for at home. You can determine how often they are fed, walked and played with. If you have strong preferences surrounding your pets, or just want their time at home to be less stressful, keeping your pet at home can be a way for you to experience greater peace of mind and enjoy your vacation.

5. Keep your home safer

Keeping pets at home doesn’t just keep them safer. It may also keep your home safer. Pets serve as burglar alarms and a pet sitter can provide services, such as retrieving mail, and operating lights, that will make a break-in less likely. You’ll feel more relaxed with regular updates to your smart phone on your pet and your home!

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