Our pets give us unconditional love and in return, they depend on us to meet their basic needs for safety, shelter, food and socialization. When it comes to vacations, you may not always be able to include your pet. What’s the best way to make sure your pet is as safe and happy as possible while you’re away?

Many pet owners want their animals to remain in the home while they are gone. Certainly, that option can be much less stressful for the pet than enduring a completely different location, in addition to your absence. How can you make sure your pet is comfortable and well cared for in your home while you are away?

PetStayCay can help you with the answers. PetStayCay is designed by caring pet owners with decades of experience to help ensure the most enjoyable and safest experience for your pet possible while you’re away. We’ll walk you through everything you and your pet sitter need to know.

Whether you have one pet, or an entire house full, we’ll help you get it organized! PetStayCay puts all the details at your fingertips: feeding, exercise, play, walking, problem behaviors, medicines and emergency backup, not to mention the times and dates of your vacation.

Eliminate confusion and repetition, with the one app you’ll ever need when you go on vacation!

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